Automist™ - Fire Misting System

Automist™ is the UK's leading domestic fire suppression system, providing an alternative to traditional sprinkler systems by using water mist technology.    It provides a cost-effective and retrofittable alternative to traditional water sprinkler systems.  Automist™ is BS8458 compliant and gives architects a number of fire protection options to protect escape routes and aid safe evacuation for less cost than a traditional sprinkler system.

As an authorised supplier and installer of Automist™ in London and the Home Counties, we offer;-

Automist Installer Certification

There is an increasing demand for open-plan spaces, but fire safety rules and building regulations can make it difficult to get approval from building control.


  • FireFend is an Authorised supplier of Automist™ Smartscan which is compliant with BS 8458:2015 as verified by BSI Certificate VC78009

Potential benefits of using Automist™ to meet building regulations:

  • Enhance the project design with more open space
  • Increase the design density of the overall development
  • Reduce building costs due to a reduction in passive fire protection systems, such as enclosed staircases or fire rated doors
  • Offer peace of mind to the inhabitants

In the event of a fire, the system is triggered automatically by a heat alarm or a fire panel output. Heat detection is recommended for kitchens in Approved Document B, and effectively eliminates nuisance activation. Unlike conventional sprinklers, Automist™ can be stopped manually by pressing a button on its control panel. As Automist™ uses much less water than a traditional sprinkler system, water damage in the event of activation is minimised.

Once triggered, an under-sink pump drives mains water through the nozzle unit, quickly filling the room volume with a dense fog. Water mist removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire zone, resulting in fire suppression or extinguishment. The intention is to lower the temperature, lessen the heat and reduce the oxygen concentration to such an extent that combustion can no longer be maintained and therefore reducing damage and maintaining survivable conditions.

Adding water to a kitchen chip pan fire can greatly exacerbate the fire, the same is not true for water mist, as the up draught from the flame and the evaporation of the tiny droplets prevents water from reaching and collecting in the pan.

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