Automist is a fire protection device that fills the gap between fire extinguishers and traditional sprinkler systems. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for peace of mind from kitchen fires, or a landlord responsible for safeguarding your tenants, Automist® is changing the way people think about domestic fire protection. Automist uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles mounted under a standard tap. The system is designed to protect the kitchen, one of the most fire-prone locations.

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Automist Smartscan is a smarter, modern fire sprinkler system. Instead of the typical ceiling-mounted sprinkler head, this device consists only of a stainless steel panel that seamlessly integrates into the interior of almost any living space. As soon as the system is activated, the head of the unit rotates automatically to directly target fires with a powerful jet of water mist. This has been proven to achieve the same performance as other familiar sprinkler systems. However, one huge advantage it boasts is that this approach uses 90% less water. The result is significantly less water damage to the living space.

Automist® Fixed Wall Head

Automist® Fixed Wall Head is an LABC Registered Solution (EW171) for loft conversions. It is an innovative, fire protection solution designed to allow open plan layouts to comply with regulations.

Automist is available in an inconspicuous wall mounting version to protect escape routes that pass through living areas. It is designed to blend in seamlessly with the home environment.


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